Good Noses On Chase (SWR)

They are looking for missing persons or fugitive criminals and, with their fine sense of smell, do what man is not capable of. Person-detection dogs also called Mantrailer can, unlike other search dogs, distinguish human smells from each other. They are able to reconstruct a person’s path solely on the basis of smell. The fresher the track, the higher the chances of success. After two years of training at the training and comepeting centre for police dog handlers in Göppingen, the police in Baden-Württemberg have been using four welding dogs with their service dog leaders since 2016. 31-year-old police chief Felix May is one of them. Along with his three-year-old male Milow, he is called to an abandoned truck in a wooded area. The driver has been missing for hours. Can the mountain welding dog pick up the trail and reconstruct the man’s path through the forest, providing clues as to his whereabouts? Police Master Sanne Thomann, works with Felix and two other colleagues on shift duty-7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Her Bavarian mountain sweat dog Akira is Milow’s sister. The two joined Göppingen riot police at just 8 weeks old and are now, three years later, real professional investigators. When Sanne has just got comfortable on the sofa with her four-legged colleague, the team is called to a deployment. A suicide-prone young man wanted to go home from psychiatry but never got there. A walker found the missing person’s travel bag. Can female Akira now track down the young man on the basis of smell? A race against time. Not all police colleagues are convinced of the effectiveness of the new Soezialment unit. Is the team now able to prove itself in practice after two years of hard training?

The SWR-Doku is available online here.

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