welcome to blueprint media!

There are a few things we've been campaigning on the flag since we were founded in 2015. And that's what we stand for:

We don't do television for us, but we only do television that we like ourselves – professional and passionate. This is because we are convinced that you can only be really good if you do what you love! For us, this includes a respectful, honest and appreciative approach – with each other, with our clients and, of course, with the people we accompany with the camera.

We know what is feasible, think economically and from a customer point of view. That is why we know that innovation and economic efficiency are not contradictory! Because we have confidence in ourselves and our ideas, however, we also say that desire and reality no longer fit.

We develop and produce cross-platform reports, documentaries and documentary series. So we entertain and report, but we don't share anything!

We love tension arcs and storytelling, but only where it belongs! Otherwise, we firmly believe that real life writes the best stories. And that's exactly how we want to tell them: Authentic, emotional and honest.

Rely on it!

In the technical implementation of our productions, we cooperate exclusively with the runge tv gmbh.

You can find some up-to-date references in our portfolio.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with us-let's talk!

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